Upcoming Events

Attunement in Practice

Medley residency No.1 Open House

Friday December 9th, 2022
4pm-7pm — SENSING
7pm-10pm — STORIES


Sunday 27 Nov, 2022
4pm — workshop
7pm — live events

a soft, aerial sound experience. We will open up with an interactive field recording workshop led by Margaux. This workshop will explore ways of capturing the acoustical traces of landscapes, people, surroundings sounds and objects to create organic soundscapes and music.

The workshop will be followed by three unique live performances including one from Margaux where we will be able to hear her in action after the workshop (full description via link bellow).

You can join us for the full program or just the lives afterwards.

  • 15e workshop only ♕
  • 10-15e concert only ♧
  • 20e bundle workshop + concert ♡

Workshop limited to 20 people, please RSVP: weich.ambient@gmail.com

Instant Improv — Presence & Spontaneity

15 Oct 2022 - 3 Dec 2022. Ongoing course of 8 sessions

Saturdays 13:00-15:30

Full details and booking here: https://www.instantimprovberlin.com/instant-improv-classes