A medley is a synergetic mixture. In which the unique expression of individuals creates a beautiful collective; and in turn, the collective inspires the unique expression of individuals.

Our mission is to make space for such individual and collective thriving. We do this primarily via our space, where we will house residents and maintain a multi-purpose community space offering classes, workshops, and other public events.

Medley Foundation gGmbH is a nonprofit incorporated in Berlin, Germany. Full Impressum here.

Founding Team

We're Chris, Ananta and Rick. We love making space.


Chris Smothers is the founder of Homebase, a tool for building decentralized applications. Previously he Co-Founded Spacious, a company that created dozens of "third spaces" out of underutilized retail in New York and San Francisco.


Ananta Pandey was most recently a Director of Engineering at Sidewalk Labs, Google's urban innovation lab in New York City. There she led the development of several products, including an app to help communities measure and improve the vibrancy of their public spaces.


Rick Benger is the Creator of Once upon a Pancake, a publishing company that helps children fall in love with storytelling. Previously he launched and grew Laneway Learning Sydney, an education community that used cafes and bars as classrooms, hosting classes in everything from Greek Mythology, to Wabi Sabi, to How to Beat Your Friends at Monopoly.